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Dagger #1 – Wouter de Vugt

Wouter is the founding father of Daggers Design. He’s working as Creative Concept Devolper / Graphic Designer but always kept the urge for more gory design work. A strange love for skulls and monsters brought him to the start of Daggers Design.

Wouter is doing:

Digital Design (photoshop/illustrater/indesign)

Creative Concept Development

Illustration Art

Founder of Daggers Design

Dagger #2 – Maarten de Vugt

Maarten is Wouter his twin brother and only 14 minutes older, but a way better illustration artist. He’s basically born with a pencil and blank piece of paper in his hands. With a big love for everything Star Wars and spacy he is still a creative kid. Maarten or Marty for friends, also got his degree in Art Science and is teaching high school kids everything about art and being creative.

Maarten is doing:

Creative Concept Development

Illustration Art

Proud designer for Daggers Design